Are you looking for the best roofers in Kilmarnock but do not know where to turn? We understand your roof is a big investment, and you want to get it right. Well, we have a solution for you. Scotia Roofing is an expert in stripping many roof problems. We are a reliable licensed professional roofer in Kilmarnock to do a thorough inspection every year or two to prevent any potential problem. Your roof is one of the most expensive items that you purchased for your home. It is one of the most important items because it covers your investment. So, what we always tell homeowners is to have their roofs inspected every year. It is nothing to it to get somebody to come out their walk-through, check it, and you can catch things that are going to be thousands of euros in damage. You can fix it for a couple of hundred bucks and move on. In today’s age, there are so many technologies that you can use to help improve the roofing process. and give you guys some tools to include them in on it too.


We have some CNC machines that we make our metal with to make each job precise for that home. So not every home is the same, and we can build that product for your home. It is particularly your house. So, roofers In Kilmarnock can offer something as a homeowner that nobody else can, and we have been experienced as a family of tearing off a roof. Thousands of pounds of asphalt come off the roof, but now with the technology, we can make it look easy, keep a clean job site for the homeowners, and give them that product that they deserve. But we always tell homeowners to just get somebody out before replacing their roof to inspect it. Maybe they can do some of the repairs you are looking for to start to build that connection and trust. And if they are not somebody you trust, move on to the next guy. Many companies subcontract out their jobs but not at Scotia. Every team member plays a different role.


It is a family-run company a lot of us all work here together. We have incorporated it into providing awesome service to the customer, so that’s what we’re focused on here. Being that we are over 30 years old. Scotia offers a variety of roofing materials to match any home or renovation. So, you have your normal shingles. You can get an architect. Shingle, it’s a fiberglass shingle, and that’s standard in Kilmarnock, and what you want to look at is the wind speeds that we see here. So, we got a lot of hurricanes, so many people are stepping up to metal roofing, and we’re big into metal roofs because we have the equipment to do that. You can count on us as your best roofer in Kilmarnock.


We always focus on the fasteners because they are exposed, so really putting a quality fastener on the roof. There are several different types of technology now and roofing that you can put on your roof. It just depends on what your budget is. Maybe all you need is a repair or simple maintenance that will help extend the life of your roof, or maybe not. Some repairs can end up costing the homeowner more in the long run. That is where talent and technology come in. So, fixing the leak is very challenging in a lot of cases. It takes a skilled individual, and that is one of the things that we are good at.  We have a group of guys that are some of our best roofers in Kilmarnock that can find the leak and fix it for you.